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Energex Meter/Electricity Box Locks

February 21, 2022 admin Comments Off

(How To Keep Your Meter Box Protected) 

At Protec Security Systems, we understand security and often review local break-in reports to ensure we are always ahead of criminals. Reports have shown criminals will often target an electricity meter box before attempting to break into the targeted premises to disrupt electronic security systems.

We can supply and install an Energex-approved meter box lock to deter and prevent criminals from quickly gaining access to your meter box. The clasp-style lock has been well-engineered and manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel to maintain strength and durability under Australian conditions.

A standard lock kit usually includes one key for yourself should you or authorised 3rd party contractors (i.e. electricians) need to access your meter box. However, licensed Energex technicians have a master key to access all approved locks, so you won’t need to leave a key out for them to read your meter or carry out routine maintenance.

If you receive energy bills from major electricity companies such as AGL & Origin, they all use Energex as their electrical power provider, so this lock will still be suitable.

We can offer these as a DIY installation or organise a technician to attend your home or business to supply and install one for you.