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5 Reasons To Consider Security Alarms For Your Business

February 21, 2022 admin Comments Off

1) Holiday Closures

Unfortunately, criminals love to take advantage of holidays as we do. Still, instead of spending them at home with family and friends like the rest of us, they’d take this opportunity and target honest business owners. So let us protect your assets with a nasty surprise for opportunist criminals.

2) Protect Your Investment

Setting up a business, no matter how big or small, adds up quickly, the cost of furniture, appliances, materials, stock etc. Therefore, it pays to have your investment protected 24/7. The costs associated with replacing everything in an unfortunate event, such as theft or fire, can put an unwanted strain on any business owner. However, many businesses tend to be insured. Impacts such as loss of trade, employees being unable to work and inconvenience to regular customers; is something most insurers cannot provide compensation for. Therefore, protecting your business 24/7 with intelligent security solutions is a wise investment.


3) Monitor Smoke Alarms Activations Smoke

With today’s intelligent alarm systems, in addition to emergency and duress, you and your monitoring centre can be notified of fire/smoke in your home 24/7 through independent smoke alarms powered by your alarm system. Our smoke detectors comply with Australian Standard AS3786. These smoke alarms run off the backup battery of the alarm system AND their backup battery in the event of a power outage.

4) Duress and Emergency Functions

Why should an alarm system only function at night? Do you have staff working alone regularly or high-value items in the shop to protect? Why not have silent and audible functions to alert quietly of a duress situation or audibly spook likely offenders?

5) Discounts on Insurance Premiums

Most insurers offer premium reductions for businesses where a full-time control room monitors your security alarm system. It’s a win-win. Having someone on call 24/7 protects your investment, and your insurer is less likely to fork out claims where the intruder is interrupted before they can round up your stock and valuables!