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A security alarm system, or intruder alarm system, has been designed to detect unauthorised entry to your home, shed, dwelling, granny flat etc. Several intruder devices are used to complete an intruder system to ensure your home is protected against unwanted intruders 24/7.

Our alarm systems can be supplied and installed to serve a single burglary protection purpose, right through fire detection and essential access control. In addition, intruder alarms commonly operate as an audible event when a system is armed and can work either as a stand-alone system or integrated to report through to a monitoring control room or a smart-enabled device.

Although intruder alarms have been primarily designed to protect your home when the property is vacant, we can also set these systems up to protect you while at home. For example, you may have a two-storey building and want to arm a particular level when everyone is asleep. On the other hand, you may have a shed or granny flat that you want to arm 24/7. Or you may have a low-set house and wish to have intruder protection against all common areas of your home. Again, our experienced and licensed technicians can ensure we design a system that suits your needs.

Motion Detection - PIR Technology

A motion detector/sensor, or in technical terms, a PIR (Passive Infrared), is an electronic device used mainly inside premises to detect motion. Effectively, PIRs have come a long way over the years, which has helped reduce false activations dramatically. Most motion sensors operate via a pyroelectric sensor/s to detect sudden heat transfer within an environment. Today PIRs are smart enough to notice the difference between small & large heat transfers, such as insects and heat coming in through a window, preventing false alarm activations.

Perimeter Detection - Reed Switch, Door Reeds

Reed switch technology has existed since the early 1900s, and this simple yet innovative technology is still very commonly used today. A reed switch (door contact) is an electrical switch/circuit that changes state when a magnetic field is applied. For example, you would have a magnet installed within the top of the door and the reed switch/circuit installed in the door frame on a standard pedestrian door. Closing the two devices sends a normally closed (N/C) signal to the alarm panel. When the pedestrian door is opened (even as little as 50mm), the switch will change to a normally open (N/O) state, and if the alarm panel is armed, activate an alarm.

Glass Break Detection

Glass break detectors are a fantastic intruder device for your home. Essentially, these intelligent devices detect specific high-pitched sound frequencies when a glass is shattered or cracked to activate an alarm. These devices are essential for an intruder system as criminals don’t always intrude on a property via a door and, in many cases, break a glass window to obtain access.

Smoke Detectors - (Photoelectric Detector)

A smoke detector capable of being connected to a security alarm system effectively operates the same way as a standard one you will often find within a home, with an additional relay alarm contact to provide a signal to an alarm panel. However, these should always be the same as a smoke detector with a hard-wired connection to your home’s 240v meter box supply. These are a fantastic addition to your home to monitor smoke-triggered events 24/7. In addition, should a security-integrated smoke alarm be activated and your alarm system is connected to a back-to-base monitoring station, this alarm event can be programmed to ring the local fire department automatically. Therefore, should the unfortunate of a house fire occur, the chances of action and recovery are significantly improved.

Back To Base Monitoring

24/7 Back to Base monitoring is a service that provides round-the-clock surveillance on your security system, which links to an Australian call centre bureau. The call centre will monitor your security system and act as soon as an incident occurs. It’s a convenient feature that provides the ultimate peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protected by people on call when you aren’t available.

Mobile App Integration

Let’s face it, today, there are more mobile phones than people. We can now do everything at our fingertips, from online banking to emails. So why not be able to control your alarm system through your phone? Many reputable security alarm systems can integrate mobile apps, which is a fantastic addition to your system. These systems will connect to your mobile phone via cellular or your home’s existing internet connection so you can control your alarm system 24/7. Another great feature is that it can instantly send alarm events to your phone, so you can always keep an eye on your home 24/7.

Integrated Access Control - Garage Door Activation, Gate Activation etc

Security alarm systems today also can carry basic access control. From a standard swipe card access reader at your front door to opening your garage door via your mobile phone or even your gate to let a courier driver deliver a parcel. We can make this happen.

Click the video link below to see how the AX PRO system can help in providing you and your family with a safe, monitored and secured home.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, we can easily add and modify codes and add temporary codes or codes that work during certain hours of the day. We can also change, add, or remove codes remotely depending on your system, saving you a service fee.

A: Yes, most of our systems today can view alarm events, arm/disarm and activate doors from your smartphone.

A: Yes, all alarm systems today have a backup battery to keep you safe and secure.

A: The short answer is no. Today, alarm systems will carry out an automatic self-test every 24 hours to ensure all components are active and working correctly. If there are any faults, your keypad, monitoring station, or mobile phone will alert you.

A: You do not require a phone line for your alarm system, as it can work as a local operating system. If you need a phone app or want to monitor it, we recommend a SIM card connection or interconnecting to your site's existing internet connection.

A : We recommend one of our wireless alarm solutions. These are simple plug-and-play solutions and do not require any cabling. These can easily be removed should you wish to move to another place.

A: If you wish to keep a pet inside while your system is armed/active. We recommend installing pet-friendly/pet-immune motion detectors. We choose the suitable sensor based on your pet’s weight to ensure you don’t receive false alarms.

A: Yes, we highly recommend setting your system to have a stay/sleep area. So you can arm certain sections of your home whilst your asleep

A: In QLD, most 2-storey buildings have a solid foundation floor between the ground and the first level. This usually makes cabling to the second level virtually impossible. However, our experienced team will always find solutions to ensure we provide full alarm coverage to your home.

A: You can still have alarms like any other property. We can supply suitable pet-friendly products that work off your pet's size/weight, ensuring you won't have a false alarm activations.

A: Yes, we can easily add and modify codes and add temporary codes or codes that work during certain hours of the day. We can also change, add, or remove codes remotely depending on your system, saving you a service fee.

A: It doesn’t have to be. We can design a hard-wired or wireless system suited to your needs and budget.

A: Yes, most of our systems today can view alarm events, arm/disarm and activate doors from your smartphone.

A: Yes, all reputable alarm systems today have a reliable backup battery to keep you safe and secure.

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I’m so happy with my security system! Justin and his team were excellent from the get go. Cannot fault them, from having such high quality professionalism, communication and right through to installation and follow up. Thank you!!
katie bradley
katie bradley
Great Service
Elijah Ritchie
Elijah Ritchie
Justin and the crew were professional, provided excellent customer service and they were super friendly. Thank you!!
Aman Bhullar
Aman Bhullar
I had never heard of Protec Security Systems before but we are so grateful we’ve used them. We can’t thank Justin and Ty enough for their professionalism and workmanship. These men installed our security system on Sunday!!!! Who works on Sunday??? They do They liaised with us every step of the way and delivered on their word. Protec thank you thank you we love our system. You invested well with these 2 young men. And we did too.
Ramaria McGrath
Ramaria McGrath
Shane Cathcart
Shane Cathcart
I cannot speak highly enough of these guys, every time i need help they go above and beyond. They do a top quality job at a competitive price. But the best thing they have going for them is the customer support, its hard to find these days and i think these guys have nailed it.
Jakeb Wright-Page
Jakeb Wright-Page
Protec security installed our camera system on sat , not only did they smash the job out quickly they also did an amazing job. unlike alot of other tradies they also cleaned up all their mess, great stuff. love the system will be using them for more cameras down the track as well as a few other items that Justin was telling me about, great guys highly recommended
Warren Keenan
Warren Keenan
Cannot rate Tyran and his team of professionals highly enough! They thought outside the box, gave us solutions that no-one else were able to provide. They were innovative and tested before giving us a thorough handover of our security alarm / CCTV system on our 10 acre property (Inc Shed). The follow up and customer support is outstanding. We are extremely happy that we chose Protec Security Systems QLD and have no qualms about recommending them to future clients because I know that you'll be in great hands!
Heidi Jackson
Heidi Jackson
Great quality gear and friendly efficient service. Installed my cameras, intercom and alarm system. Well priced and fully informed us of our options. Thanks team!
Andrew Fa'avale
Andrew Fa'avale
Daniel Mason
Daniel Mason