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Difference Between A Quality Camera System & Low-Quality CCTV Camera System

February 21, 2022 admin Comments Off

Today there are many types of surveillance systems available on the market, which effectively break up into two main categories; Analogue & Digital (IP). Analogue CCTV generally consists of coaxial cabling similar to the one that receives analogue TV signals. Although analogue surveillance systems are redundant technology, many budget-based systems are still being supplied and installed today. This technology is typically marketed as high-quality systems but unlicensed integrators, even though they offer inferior quality and performance compared to digital HD/IP systems.

“True” Digital IP camera systems usually consist of data/twisted pair cables similar to what you find in high-speed network systems for smart devices. IP cameras also have high-quality chipsets and lenses, providing high-resolution image displays. Quality IP solutions supplied with this style of infrastructure and hardware offer end-users outstanding images, reliability and performance.

CCTV cameras are an effective solution for deterring criminals; however, they are only as good as the image they capture. Should images be out of focus, blurry, grainy or even too dark, offenders will not be able to be identified and caught, making your CCTV investment a waste of money and time. When choosing a camera surveillance system for your home, you want to make sure your system performs at its best throughout all conditions 24/7. Always use a licensed and qualified advisor and installer to ensure the systems you are supplied suit your requirements and budget.

Below is an example of an “Analogue & Digital” camera view. See the image on the right offers higher pixel resolution, even identifying a number plate. In contrast, the picture on the left (analogue) cannot perform similarly, even in clear daylight conditions.